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JunkPro - The Tri-State's Largest Junk Removal Service Service Area


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Residential Services

We do all the lifting, carrying and loading for you. No need for dumpsters or containers.

JunkPro offers homeowners a complete junk removal service so that you don’t have to lift a finger to reclaim your valuable space. Our professionals will bear the burden of lifting and carrying any junk you have in your yard, attic, basement or garage and haul it away for you.

With JunkPro, there is no need for unsightly and inconvenient dumpsters to occupy your driveway or damage your lawn.

Estate Services

We specialize in estate services and will help you simplify a trying time by relocating personal property to a storage facility and securing and managing the property.

We also offer numerous other services, from demolition to roof tarping to pool closure. See our Business Services page to learn more.

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  • "JunkPro has the tools and ability to do the job. They are on time, do a professional job and do it in a timely manner. I had a propety with at least 18" of water in it along with trash and they completed the job in 1 day. The property was left clean and free of any debris. I highly recommend JunkPro!"

    Duane George - Owensboro, KY

  • "The City of Owensboro has had the pleasure of working with Jereme Willner and JunkPro for the past two years. JunkPro has been very dependable and thorough with the removal of these items. Neighbors and volunteers have both been very complimentary of their abilities."

    Michael L. Volk, Housing Planner - City of Owensboro, KY

  • "I strongly urge property owners, executors, or personal representatives to use JunkPro to rid themselves of liablity problems. I like the turnkey ability JunkPro displayed; morever, the professionalism. I had 50 years of hoarded junk to rid myself of, so a house and land could be sold. JunkPro came through with the challenge in a competent manner."

    Paul J. Deom, Personal Representative, Boonville, IN

  • "I highly recommend Junk Pro and Jereme Willner. They arrived on time and ready for a job that we could not have done without them. They were professional, courteous, and went beyond to clean up a rental property which they left clean inside and out. In addition to the quality of their service that they provide, their prices are better than any other companies we contacted."