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Wrangling Rubbish - April 15, 2013

JunkPro owner tackling mounds of trash at Spottsville home


Junk Pro in the newsOne man’s trash is another man’s junk. For two weeks, Jereme Willner has been working the biggest haul away since he started JunkPro in 2007. As of Thursday, he’d filled 14 containers that hold 3 to 6 tons each.

The 32-year-old entrepreneur won the bid for the removal of trash at the foreclosed home in Spottsville. The garage and home were inaccessible. Debris spilled from the front door of the ramshackle house. The backyard had piles of household items, some covered with makeshift plastic tarps.

Willner began the job April 4 by carrying storage items to one of the trash bins. While waiting for the arrival of a skid steer loader, he threw several aquariums into the trash container. There is some fun to this job, he said.

A neighbor said he was glad to see the property cleaned up. He was sure there were insects and rodents living in the debris and was concerned that the vermin would spread to his home.

There can be health hazards to people living in conditions such as those of the Spottsville home. Clay Horton, environmental health director at Green River District Health Department, had not seen the home, but he said dirty conditions, insects and human waste are conditions that cause health hazards to the people living in the debris.

“Every case is different,” Horton said. If the contents of the home are not spilling out, he said the home usually is not cited. The health department comes into the picture when the sight becomes a health hazard or fire hazard to the community and neighbors.

The neighbor, who wouldn’t give his name, said he never saw anyone bring anything into the house. He concluded that they must have brought items in at night.

Willner said he expected the bank that holds the note to the property to “bulldoze” the buildings and sell the land.

Willner said he has had a business of his own since he was a teenager. When he was 14, he bought a push mower, and his mother drove him to his customers.

When he wanted to buy a truck to start a lawn business, he worked in area tobacco fields. Since getting an associate degree in business from Owensboro Community & Technical College, he's sold real estate and opened JunkPro.

Willner has relied on his abilities to get him where he is today. A bit of luck also may have played a part, so when he found a full-length mirror in the garage, he carefully placed it in a corner of the trash bin.

"I'm going to let someone else break it," he said.

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  • "JunkPro has the tools and ability to do the job. They are on time, do a professional job and do it in a timely manner. I had a propety with at least 18" of water in it along with trash and they completed the job in 1 day. The property was left clean and free of any debris. I highly recommend JunkPro!"

    Duane George - Owensboro, KY

  • "The City of Owensboro has had the pleasure of working with Jereme Willner and JunkPro for the past two years. JunkPro has been very dependable and thorough with the removal of these items. Neighbors and volunteers have both been very complimentary of their abilities."

    Michael L. Volk, Housing Planner - City of Owensboro, KY

  • "I strongly urge property owners, executors, or personal representatives to use JunkPro to rid themselves of liablity problems. I like the turnkey ability JunkPro displayed; morever, the professionalism. I had 50 years of hoarded junk to rid myself of, so a house and land could be sold. JunkPro came through with the challenge in a competent manner."

    Paul J. Deom, Personal Representative, Boonville, IN

  • "I highly recommend Junk Pro and Jereme Willner. They arrived on time and ready for a job that we could not have done without them. They were professional, courteous, and went beyond to clean up a rental property which they left clean inside and out. In addition to the quality of their service that they provide, their prices are better than any other companies we contacted."